• Please put fashion jewelry in individual ziploc bags. No valuables, please.
  • You choose the price! (we don't know silver from nickel). Just put the price you think it will sell for on a slip of paper inside. We suggest $1 to $10.
  • Keep in mind that you receive 40% of the selling price. So if you put $10 on the slip of paper, then you will receive $4 if it sells at that price.


  • No dollar store items, please.
  • We can not be responsible for valuable jewelry.
  • Think seasonal for best sales: Bring your Christmas jewelry 60 days prior to Christmas, etc...

We will do 20% markdowns every 20 days. After 60 days, all jewelry becomes the property of Your Stuff & Kids' Stuff and goes in the $1 basket....so pick a reasonable price if you want to make money!

It is your responsibility to pick up any unsold items within 60 days if you want them back. We charge a reclaim fee of $1 per item to cover the cost of handling.

jewelry consignment